Sunday, November 10, 2013

Euchre Code Base

We were curious how much euchre code was collectively written by students in EECS 280. Thanks to UNIX pipes and this handy command-line (you might find this type of command useful in the future): 
find . -name '*.cpp' | xargs wc -l
We found that students submitted 555,285 lines of code (including comments and newlines).  The staff solution to the euchre project is 747 lines of code, of which about 200 are comments and newlines.  So the class collectively wrote more code than is found in a typical pacemaker or the Quake 3 video game engine, but significantly less code than reportedly behind the website.  However, there is skepticism whether the website truly has 500 million lines of code (and by what measure).  Summary: the less code you have, generally the easier to test.
"According to one specialist, the Web site contains about 500 million lines of software code." - NY Times.

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