Wednesday, September 15, 2010

USENIX Health Security & Privacy Videos Made Public

Earlier today USENIX made several of the HealthSec Workshop webcast videos publicly available. In particular, anyone may now watch the:

  • Opening Remarks on USENIX HealthSec

  • Policy for Health Records (Position papers from both universities and industrial research.)

  • Invited Panel on Medical Device Security & Privacy

    Panelists: John F. Murray Jr., Software Compliance Expert, United States Food and Drug Administration, CDRH/Office of Compliance; Nathanael Paul, Research Scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Karen Sandler, General Counsel of the Software Freedom Law Center

    All the panelists work in the medical device software space, and all personally use computer-controlled medical devices (mostly implanted).


Sara said...

Do you have the UNENIX passwords to get onto these video?

Kevin Fu said...

USENIX has released a small number of videos for the general public, but the remaining videos require membership in USENIX. There should be some directions about this process on

For students, the membership is dirt cheap. If folks want to vote for another particular video to be opened up publicly, I'll gladly advocate that USENIX make the video public. But choose wisely. :-)