Saturday, July 17, 2010

Software risks and medical ventilators

Did a software glitch cause an oxygen delivery system to fail, leading to a patient's death?

Earlier this year, a person tragically died during ambulance transport. The article explains that it's believed a software glitch caused an oxygen system to fail, leading to the patient's death. A TV news team made a video of the the medical system and interviewed a paramedic (who was not the paramedic involved with the event). There is very little technical information publicly available about the event, except that there are multiple manufacturers involved. Road Rescue reportedly built the ambulance. And Spartan Chassis is reportedly involved with the components in the ambulance itself.

No one has reported technical information on the alleged software glitch itself. However, this rather brief adverse event report at FDA cites a date coincidentally close to April 22 (the date of the incident). Is the underlying technology an Evita 4 Ventilator? What role did software play in the incident? What other factors contributed?

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