Tuesday, February 23, 2010

USENIX Workshop on Health Security & Privacy (HealthSec 2010)

If you conduct research on security and privacy of health information technology, then you should consider submitting a 2-page position paper to the USENIX Workshop on Health Security & Privacy (HealthSec 2010). Submissions are due April 9, 2010. I am co-organizing the workshop with my colleagues Prof. Yoshi Kohno (UW) and Prof. Avi Rubin (JHU) and a healthy dose of security/privacy expertise from the program committee. What I think is notable about our venue is the degree of interdisciplinary research represented by the program committee. We have members from several research disciplines including computer science, medicine, and social science. Moreover, we have members from multiple sectors in health information technology (academia, government, industry). We intend for the event to bring together researchers with bold positions on how to improve security and privacy for emerging health information technologies. There are many security and privacy problems waiting to be solved in areas such as electronic medical records, wireless medical devices, and regulatory and policy issues.

The workshop itself is co-located with USENIX Security in Washington, DC on August 10, 2010. See you there!

From the CFP:

HealthSec is intended as a forum for lively discussion of aggressively innovative and potentially disruptive ideas on all aspects of medical and health security and privacy. A fundamental goal of the workshop is to promote cross-disciplinary interactions between fields, including, but not limited to, technology, medicine, and policy. Surprising results and thought-provoking ideas will be strongly favored; complete papers with polished results in well-explored research areas are comparatively discouraged. Position papers will be selected for their potential to stimulate or catalyze further research and explorations of new directions, as well as for their potential to spark productive discussions at the workshop.

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